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Drive further. Adventure longer. Sprinter Fuel Tanks

Drive further. Adventure longer. Sprinter Fuel Tanks

Picture this… You’ve purchased a new Sprinter van. You finished the interior build. Loaded up on accessories. You improved the harsh (and sometimes unstable) ride, plus gained a couple inches of ground clearance with our RIP-Kit. And lastly, you finish it off with a set of aftermarket alloy wheels & all-terrain tires. Your adventuremobiles’ got everything it needs, except you STILL can’t go everywhere you want. Why?… Because of the limited fuel range.

Sure, with about 340 miles of range from the factory 24-gallon fuel tank (averaging 15 MPG) you may think a gas station is never completely out of reach. But when you’re mapping out a trip, Google Maps only shows the most direct route. What’s the fun in traveling like that? You can’t possibly plan for every rest stop, what’s-over-there moment & scenic detour. Not to mention what are you going to do when you arrive at your destination? Stop, park, and don’t run the rig until you pack up and head home?….Uhh..No way!

Put your endurance to the test. Imagine being able to drive from San Diego, California to Moab, Utah WITHOUT making A SINGLE STOP. Not only will you and your co-pilot not need to stop on the way. But also be able to run your rig for heat or to power up equipment. Explore more of the area around your camp ground without concern for how you’ll get back out.

We offer several (auxiliary & replacement) diesel fuel tank solutions for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Starting with a 14 gallon auxiliary unit all the way through a 48 gallon replacement tank. Depending on your van’s configuration you could potentially add an additional 62 gallons of fuel capacity (via driver side, passenger side & rear auxiliary tanks) to the stock tank’s 24 to give you almost 1300 miles of range.

Adding an auxiliary fuel tank to your Sprinter makes sense from a practical & logistical standpoint as well. With the increase in fuel capacity from the large tanks you can now really take advantage of filling up at the cheap gas station (which is usually quite a ways from the campsite). It also allows you to travel through areas (such as Central Mexico) where poor fuel quality may be a concern.

Drive further. Adventure longer. 

For the Mercedes Sprinter we offer the following fuel tank systems:
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Questions? Interested in a fuel tank for your rig?
Comment below or email info@agileoffroad.com.

There are 8 comments

  1. John Camoriano 6 months ago

    This is wonderful news. NOW if you could just do the same for the FORD TRANSIT! I have a 2016 Ford Transit 350 with the popular ecoboost twin turbo gas engine and I am sad to say that my tank is only 26 gallons and I get 11.5 mpg or a total range of <300 miles! PLEASE help us with a similar solution to what you have done with the Sprinter.

  2. KC 6 months ago

    Looking forward to seeing your 48-gallon replacement tank as none of your auxiliary tanks works for my van due to undervan water tanks, heater and batteries in all of the places of your aux tanks but the factory replacement should work. Does it extend further to the back of the van and/or also to the middle of the van but not to the outside of the frame rails?

    • Elikem Moten 6 months ago

      KC, fitment as you know is dependent on your Sprinter’s layout. The replacement tank extends over into the driver’s side cavity (outside of the frame rail) so it will not work if there are tanks or batteries mounted on the driver’s side.

  3. Philip A Reeves 6 months ago

    Had a 12 gallon auxiliary (our grey h2o tank made the 14 gallon tank too long) installed 3 weeks ago and what piece of mind an extra 160 miles makes on our 3500 4×4 Sprinter! Wish we’d had it prior to our 2 months in Baja mid winter. Get the marine pump and skip the 2nd filler.

    The SD Agile gang are top notch!

  4. Moises 3 months ago

    Will the 48 replacement tank work on the Revel?, pricing?, ETA?

    • Elikem - AgileOffRoad.com 3 months ago

      Moises, unfortunately, the water tank, batteries & heater mounted underneath the Revel prohibit the use of the 48-gallon replacement fuel tank. However, moving the spare tire to the rear door/bumper will allow you to add our 28-gallon rear auxiliary tank.

      Pricing for the ACBG replacement fuel tanks starts at $2650 – ETA TBD
      Pricing for the Agile 28-gallon auxiliary tank starts at $1995 – AVAILABLE NOW!

  5. Ron Matuska 2 months ago

    I’m looking at a preowned 3500 Sprinter with passenger side tank. Capacity based on measurements approx 15 gals. Trying to learn how it works, filters, pumps, who made it. Fill is a cap on p/side. Inside there is gauge with switch. Mfg logo looks loke AMA over star. Can send pictures if needed.

    • Elikem - AgileOffRoad.com 2 months ago

      Ron, please email info@agileoffroad.com with details & photos. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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