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Lithium Battery Upgrade for Winnebago Revel 4x4 from Agile Off Road RELiON Battery & Victron Energy

Revel powered by RELiON – Agile’s Lithium Battery Upgrade

Lithium Battery Upgrade for Winnebago Revel 4x4 from Agile Off Road RELiON Battery & Victron Energy

Agile Off Road proudly presents our Lithium battery system upgrade for the Mercedes Sprinter-based Winnebago Revel 4×4 RV! This complete battery & charging system replacement is the first near-drop-in solution of its kind for the Revel platform. Now available for 2018, 2019 & 2020 model year Winnebago Revel 4×4 RVs.

Why upgrade your Revel to Lithium?

A lithium battery’s biggest advantage is the ability to use nearly 100% of its battery capacity in all conditions. The (3) RELiON RB 100-LT batteries in our kit supply 300 usable Amp-hours of power. AGM batteries on the other hand can only use up to 50% of their capacity before risking permanent damage. A 300 AMP hour AGM system will only supply 150 amp-hours of power before requiring a charge. In freezing temperatures usable AGM amp hours are halved again.

With RELiON’s low-temperature batteries, all 300 Amp-hours are on-tap if you need them even in weather as cold as -4° F. However, for the sake of longevity, it’s recommended you do not regularly deplete the batteries beyond 10% capacity. Worry not, with our system there’s no need to be a battery nanny. We’ve programmed the Victron Smart battery controller warning alarms to sound at 20% capacity. Should you drain them beyond that, the batteries have a built-in safety shut off at 8v (or if 1 of 4 cells internal cells reach 2v) to prevent completely killing them.

Lithium batteries also boast a tremendous advantage when it comes to lifespan. 10 years for lithium verses 3-5 for AGM. Or 7000 vs. 600 if we’re counting charge cycles. Winnebago concurs as they’re all-in on lithium too! The 2021 Revel 4×4 is equipped from the factory with a 250 Amp-hour lithium house battery system.

Lithium Battery Upgrade for Winnebago Revel 4x4 from Agile Off Road RELiON Battery & Victron Energy

What’s included with Agile’s Revel lithium battery upgrade kit?

  • RELiON RB 100-LT batteries (3)
  • Victron Blue Smart Charger
  • Victron SmartSolar MPPT charge controller
  • Victron Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Chargers (2) 
  • Victron MPPT Control pod/gauge?
  • Victron Smart Battery Monitor pod with Bluetooth
  • Victron Smart Battery Sense wireless voltage & temperature sensor
  • Multiple system shut-off & battery isolator switches

That’s a lot of blue boxes. Here’s the non-technical explanation of what they all do.

Victron equipment allows us to create a Bluetooth powered smart network for your entire battery charging & monitoring system. Through the VictronConnect app we’ve set every parameter of the system for optimal performance and safety. Each of the chargers is in constant communication with the battery sense & monitor. Accurate, live-updating charging, consumption & remaining power metrics are available at a glance.

Agile's Lithium Battery Upgrade

  • 300 Amp hours of RELiON lithium power
  • Victron Smart Charging & Power Management system with Bluetooth
    • 60+ Amp charging from the alternator with Orion DC chargers
    • MPPT Solar Charge Controller ensures optimum charging in all conditions
    • Battery Sense provides constant voltage & temperature measurements to optimize charging algorithms
    • Smart Battery monitor takes the guesswork out of boondocking with accurate battery life display
  • Minimally invasive battery replacement. Reuses factory locations.
  • Starting at $7600 installed!

Are lithium batteries okay outside?

In the interest of making our kit as minimally-invasive and affordable as possible, we’ve elected to mount the lithium batteries in the factory Revel locations. And despite what you may read on the internet, that’s okay! First, let’s address the cold elephant in the room. Winter camping excursions won’t be put on ice on account of the batteries. RELiON’s RB100-LT batteries (low-temperature) work well below freezing, capable of safe charge & discharge at -4° Fahrenheit. Cold weather operation is made possible by its state-of-the-art non-parasitic battery heating system. An internal heating system means no need for battery blankets. And because the battery’s warmer only accepts power from an external source (solar, shore, engine battery via the alternator) it will never consume itself to charge.

Lithium Battery Upgrade for Winnebago Revel 4x4 from Agile Off Road RELiON Battery & Victron Energy

Agile, RELiON & Victron have your back!

Convenience, safety & serviceability were at the forefront of our minds during this kit’s design. So was Revel owner feedback. Easy to access breakers and battery isolators were added to allow for simplified service.

We’re really confident in this kit. After months of field testing in all weather extremes, our beta testers can’t stop raving about it. However, if issues should ever arise, know that Agile, Victron & RELiON confidently standing behind you. Our partnership with RELiON means our Revel lithium upgrade customers are covered by a 7-year nationwide warranty on batteries. Service and repairs are available to owners at any RELiON dealer in the country. All Victron components are covered for 5-years.

Lithium Battery Upgrade for Winnebago Revel 4x4 from Agile Off Road RELiON Battery & Victron Energy

What is the cost to upgrade a Winnebago Revel to lithium? How long does installation take?

The Revel lithium battery upgrade takes a full day to install. However, customers should plan to leave their vehicles for 2 days to allow for testing and other upgrades. The installed price for the Agile Off Road Winnebago Revel lithium battery system upgrade is $6999.

After upgrading from AGM batteries to a lithium system, the bottleneck of the house battery system now becomes solar charging capability. Worry not, Agile has a solution for that too! A 115-Watt solar panel add-on kit made specifically for the Revel roof rack on the way! More details coming soon. #smarterthandirt


We want to hear from you! Questions? Comments? Post them below!

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  1. charles p kominczak

    Given that lithium batteries are usually half the size of AGM with the “same” capacity (100 AH in this case), can you optionally fit more than 3 batteries (up to 6, say) in the factory locations? Electrically speaking, the battery pack will perform better if the batteries are co-located to minimize wiring.
    If “the battery’s warmer only accepts power from an external source”, isn’t performance degraded when the Revel is parked (no alternator output) at night (no solar)?

    1. Elikem -

      The RB-100 batteries are the same size (Group 31) as the factory AGMs. No ability to add additional batteries in the factory locations. As far as wire length, RELiON engineers have confirmed there is no effect on battery performance and/or life if the difference in length is less than 5 ft (which we’ve adhered to).
      In regards to cold weather performance, these batteries will discharge power down to -4 degrees without using the warmer. So you can still use them in the cold. They do not accept charge until they are warmer than -4 degrees.
      However, if it’s night time, the engine is off, and there is no shore power hook-up like your scenario, there is no charging performance to degrade because there’s no power coming in.

  2. Will the lithium upgrade allow for air conditioning use like the 2021 Revel? And does this package upgrade the inverter at all?

    Thank you!

    1. Elikem -

      Yes. Our beta testers have reported 3 hours of continuous A/C run time on a fully charged system. We do not change the factory inverter.

  3. Ken Nittler

    Awesome sounding upgrade. Is it also set up to keep the chassis battery fully charged?

    1. Elikem -

      Good question.
      The Orion DC chargers aren’t set up for chassis battery maintenance.
      If users opt for the CTEK Smart Battery Charging kit instead, battery maintenance & “Smart Jump” is possible.

  4. Michael Melia

    Sounds good. Love to hear from actual Revel owners that took the plunge. Is it possible to insulate the factory battery locations? I am all over the place during the winter and there is a slight chance I could be overnight at less than -4 F.


    1. Elikem -

      Because the RB-100 batteries are the same size (Group 31) as the factory AGMs so there isn’t room for insulation. In your application, it may make sense to relocate the batteries to the interior, which is something we’d be happy to discuss with you.

  5. Ken Collier

    Have you looked into adding a 2nd alternator under the hood for more direct and complete charging of these ReLion batteries? That would be a nice optional add-on.

    1. Elikem -

      Good question Ken. We have looked into adding a 2nd alternator instead of the Orion DC chargers. We’re happy with the charging performance as is, but if a customer prefers the 2nd alternator set up we can handle that upgrade.

  6. John Carpenter

    Great to see a company showing customers what they want with a great package like this. I’m considering a 2021 Revel and hope you’ll offer an upgrade for that gen even though it will already have lithium. Would like to know I’d have an option to get more out of solar.

  7. Mylos Sonka

    We are thinking of going with lithium when our ADM batteries need replacing. We took possession of our Revel two years ago. How long can we expect the ADMs to last?

    1. Elikem -

      Mylos there are many factors that affect battery lifespan. What conditions are they being operated in? How frequently are they charged & discharged? How many often are they drained beyond 50%? etc. On average you can expect 3-5 years or 500-600 charge cycles before AGM batteries need to be replaced vs. 10 years/5000-7000 charge cycles for Lithium.

  8. Ken Nittler

    Will the solar charge port on the side of the Revel still work after this upgrade?

    1. Elikem -

      Good question Ken. Yes, the solar charge port remains functional with the lithium upgrade. While we upgrade the solar charger we do recommend using panels with similar voltage to stock for best charging efficiency.

  9. Can the Orion components be mounted in Driver’s seat base – since my passenger seat base is currently occupied with CTEK and subwoofer?

    1. Elikem -

      The Orion DC chargers would replace your CTEK if it’s not the lithium compatible model. If your CTEK chargers are the updated lithium models (D250SE & 120S) we can program the system to work with them.

  10. If I already have the CTEK D250SA with the Smartpass120 which I bought from Agile and would like to maximize that investment. Can the D250 be reprogrammed in the lithium upgrade process? Is there any downside in leaving the Zamp controller with my 300 watts of solar panels? Also, are any of the wiring runs in the chassis changed in the process? Thanks…

    1. Elikem -

      The CTEK D250SE & Smartpass 120S are the only models compatible with lithium batteries. Our lithium upgrade also requires updating the solar controller with the Victron unit. The chassis wiring is largely unchanged except for slight modification to get the Battery Sense monitor to function properly.

  11. Is it possible to double or triple the amperage?

    1. Elikem -

      What do you mean by double the amperage?

  12. I just watched a video on RELiON site that said that you need the right alternator that can output 14 volt + or it will only charge the batter 20 around 80% I assume that the MB puts out voltage to provide 100% charge when driving?

    1. Elikem -

      You are correct Charlie, alternator voltage needs to be regulated for optimal charging. The MB Sprinter alternator actually puts out slightly higher (up to 14.7V) than the recommended voltage for the RELiON RB-100LT batteries (14.2V). We program the Orion smart DC chargers to regulate the voltage going to the house batteries.

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