Agile Offroad’s Incorporation Of REM Polishing
REM polishing to enhance performance of Sprinter gears


Racing technology meets the Mercedes Sprinter: Agile Off Road's incorporation of REM polishing to enhance Sprinter performance.

In the world of off-road vehicle customization, innovation is the driving force behind heightened performance and durability. We have taken a remarkable step forward by integrating REM (Raft Engineered Microstructures) polishing into parts used for our Sprinter Air Locker. This incredible technique not only revolutionizes surface finishing but also plays a pivotal role in mitigating heat and streamlining the break-in process.

The REM Polishing Advantage: Surface Enhancement

Our adoption of REM polishing heralds a new era in surface finishing for Sprinter Van parts which has been used extensively by Formula 1 and all racing platforms for years. By employing precision-engineered abrasives, this technique creates microstructures on metal surfaces, resulting in a kitchen knife level of smoothness. This ultra-smooth surface significantly improves functionality. It leads to reduced friction, which is especially critical in high-stress off-road environments.

Mitigating Heat Buildup: The nemesis of off-road

Off-road adventures often subject vehicles to extreme conditions, pushing them to their limits. Heat buildup can be a significant concern, impacting the performance and longevity of critical components. Our incorporation of REM polishing directly addresses this challenge. The ultra-smooth surfaces created by REM polishing reduce friction and heat generation, allowing for more efficient operation of critical components. This means Agile Off Road’s parts can endure prolonged use under demanding conditions.

Streamlining the Break-In Process

Breaking in new parts is a crucial step in the aftermarket transfer case and rear differential process. However, it often involves a time-consuming and gradual process of wear and adaptation with a limit on miles driven before another change of oil in the rear differential. REM polishing accelerates and refines this process by starting with an exceptionally smooth surface. This reduces the need for prolonged break-in periods, enabling out of town guests to hit the trails sooner and drive extended ranges without the need to go back into a shop.

Enhancing Durability for the Long Haul

Durability is a cornerstone of off-road performance. Our utilization of REM polishing significantly enhances the longevity and wear resistance of our parts. By eliminating microscopic imperfections and stress points, REM-treated surfaces withstand the rigors of off-road terrain with exceptional resilience. This translates to parts that not only perform optimally but also endure over the long haul.


Agile Off Road’s incorporation of REM polishing represents an adaptation of racing technology first seen in off-road vehicle customization for the Sprinter platform. By leveraging this innovative surface finishing technique, we have elevated the performance, durability, and longevity of our parts to a new echelon. The mitigation of heat buildup and streamlining of the break-in process are game-changing benefits that empower our customers to push boundaries with confidence. Embracing REM polishing shows our commitment to innovation and sets a new standard in the world of off-road Sprinter customization.


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