Ford E-Series Ride Improvement Package

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Over several months–and with the help of FOX–we spent many hours testing, measuring, cycling, timing and tuning the suspension to optimize the existing design of these Quigley and QuadVan 4×4 conversions. Our “Ride Improvement Package” AKA “RIP” — custom tuned and valved FOX 2.0 Performance Series IFP Shocks, FOX Performance Series ATS Stabilizer and matched coil springs — once installed, doubles the bump travel, increases the overall travel, increases the spring height and spring rate, eliminates binding of the sway bar, provides rear suspension ride stability and controls body roll and sway.

After hearing repeated complaints from owners about the harsh ride and handling of their Ford E-series Quigley and QuadVan 4×4 conversions, we tested a few of them and confirmed a serious need for improvement. Having more than 20 years of experience in off-road racing and suspension tuning, we immediately knew that major improvements could be made with minimal expense and modification.

Both the Quigley and QuadVan 4×4 conversions are very sound designs with proven functionality and reliability, but drive them over speed bumps, pot holes, or off-road, and you may begin to doubt your purchase decision. Here’s the problem: their front suspension suffers from limited bump travel primarily due to the front frame cross member interfering with the front axle differential housing at full bump. In both designs, cross members are modified to provide maximum clearance, but the unintended result of this modification is an underwhelming 1.5 inches (or less) of bump travel before the front suspension “bottoms out.” Any impact is directly transferred to the van and its unfortunate occupants.

These vans are designed and built for off-road performance and handling, but in reality, these vans spend most of their lives on the pavement…and it is on the pavement where their performance suffers most. Complaints primarily relate to on-road handling concerns of excessive body roll, “swim,” and back-and-forth wallow while simply entering driveways or crossing irregular surfaces.


  1. Joshua Espana

    I have a e305 super duty gas no 4×4 but would like to convert it please email me I’m interested in looking into options thx

    1. Elikem -

      Joshua thanks for your interest! Typically our TTB 4×4 conversion runs about ~$18.5K. However that figure changes based on vehicle configuration. For an exact quote please fill out the from on our E-Series 4×4 Conversion page.

  2. Josh Espana

    I would like to see a magazine on 4×4 Van’s if u have any idea it if u guys have one please send me a link to my email thanks

  3. Randy Beltrame

    I have heard of you guys on Instagram only are you a fairly new company and if so where are you located the money to convert 4×4 Vans has gone through the roof since the successive Quigley and the success of ujointoffroad surpassing them in my book I originally had this quote it out about 10 years ago for 12 Grand but I read in yours you guys start around 18 V and U joint won’t touch anything for less than 20. Completely out of my price range but I am very curious about bumpers and setups I am a welder fabricator myself and have done minor modifications to my van including a rear track bar which improves the handling my book dramatically. I’m now having some leaf spring squeaks so I would like to upgrade to urethane bushings but I just don’t have the driveway or the time to start tearing things apart. I’m very interested in everything you guys have posted so far.

    1. Elikem -

      Hello Randy! We’ve been around since 2016. Our shop is located in Santee, California (just east of San Diego). Unfortunately, we do not offer general maintenance services such as bushing replacement. We’d recommend taking your vehicle to an off-road specific shop as they’d be best equipped to handle a modified vehicle such as yours.

      Glad you’re enjoying our content! Stay tuned for more to come!

  4. Good morning,

    Could you please provide pricing on the Agile RIP package for a 1998 Ford E350 7.3 Quigley 4×4?

    Additionally, please provide pricing on auxiliary fuel tank for the same vehicle.

    Does the auxiliary fuel tank have it’s own fill spout and switch, or does it tie into existing tank?

    Not sure if it matters, but this vehicle is a former ambulance.

    Thank you!


    Tom Cole

    1. Elikem -

      Tom, thank you for your interest. Please click the “Request Quote Now” button on this page and fill out the pop-up form. Make a note in the “Vehicle Description” section that you’re also interested in an auxiliary fuel tank and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  5. Mark Wadsworth

    I have a 2003 E350 5.4 has engine. Engine and transmission are both worn out. How much would a diesel engine and 4×4 drive conversion cost?

    1. Elikem -

      Hello Mark, we tell customers to budget around $18.5K for our TTB 4×4 conversions. Price varies based on van configuration. However, we do not offer repair or engine swap services. Email us if you have further questions.

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