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Method Race Wheels is very proud of its all-new Trail Series MR701 wheel! The 701’s no-nonsense eight-spoke design is the perfect option for those looking to get away from the popular simulated Beadlock styling. With one-piece 356 aluminum construction and T6 heat treatment, the 701 is exactly what you’ve been looking for to hit the trails.

Among many features, the all-new patent-pending Bead Grip ® Technology is the most exciting. Found on both the inner and outer bead seat, strategically placed grooves are designed to engage with the tire bead for increased grip while running lower tire pressures. In addition to the grooves, the ‘safety hump’ has a more aggressive profile which further stabilizes the tire bead in the seat.

Bead Grip® technology aims to be the bridge between a conventional street wheel and a Beadlock, which is often not legal for highway use. Reducing air pressure in the tire increases traction and ride quality while on the trail. The ability to safely run lower pressures without having to worry about the tire de-beading along with DOT approval will undoubtedly be a bonus to off-road enthusiasts.

Pictured above is a cutaway of a tire bead on the 701 where there is clear engagement with the bead seat and the Bead Grip® grooves. To the left, the aggressive ‘safety hump’ is further preventing the tire from de-beading and instantly going flat.

The 701 Trail’s 3640 lb. load capacity (per wheel) is burly enough for the heaviest of Sprinter builds. They’re also compatible with our hub-centric wheel spacers. Good news for those of you looking to give your rig an even more aggressive stance. These wheels measure 17×7.5 inches and are available in matte black & bronze finishes.

Fit Notes: Requires aftermarket (cone seat) lug bolts (not included).

Vehicle Fit

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500
Second Generation (NCV3) 2007 – 2018
Third Generation (VS30) 2019+

Fit Notes: Requires aftermarket (cone seat) lug bolts (not included).

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 in


Load Rating

Wheel Offset


Bolt Pattern

Back Spacing



Vehicle Fit

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