Don't quit your DAY DREAM...

Ride Improvement


Ford E Series Quigley and QuadVan 4×4 are built for off-road performance but spend most of their lives on the pavement.  These vans need not bottom-out, swim back-and-forth on the highway, wallow while entering driveways or, worse, scare off your friends from ever wanting to go anywhere in your van…

4x4 Conversion


Have a 2-wheel drive Ford van or a 4-wheel drive van that under-performs?  Agile Off-Road’s custom, long travel, Dana 50 Twin-Traction Beam 4-wheel drive system installed in your existing 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive van will give you the best riding 4×4 van on and off road…



Take a look at our vans’ off-road performance in videos. Camera angles of full vehicle and from underneath show the suspension, travel and articulation achieved in our D50 TTB 4-wheel drive system while bombing down dirt roads and descending rocky passes…

Off-Road Experts

Ride Improvement and 4×4 conversions designed, fabricated, built and used by off-road racers.

Improved Ride

Quigley and Quad Van conversions should ride well off-road and on the pavement, too.

Racers at Heart

Shock-tuning and suspension technology based on 20+ years of competitive off-road racing.

Get Out Now

Pull your head out of your apps and get yourself, your friends and your family off-road!

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