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Wrenching on vans is what we do here at Agile Off-Road, from simple ride improvement, to expanding off-road potential, to enabling your wildest overland adventures.

With more than 20 years of experience in off-road racing, suspension design, fabrication and tuning, Agile Off-Road offers a custom suspension tuned “Ride Improvement Package” to eliminate the harsh ride and improve the handling of Ford E Series Quigley and QuadVan 4×4 conversions, as well as long travel 4-wheel drive systems for 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive vans.

If you have a Sportsmobile, Quigley or QuadVan that suffers from excessive body roll or back-and-forth wallow when entering driveways or crossing irregular surfaces, “swims” on the freeway, or bottoms-out on speed bumps or potholes, Agile Off-Road’s “Ride Improvement Package” will drastically improve your ride…you’ll actually have people that want to go places with you in your van!

If you have a leaf-sprung 4×4 van with a harsh ride that keeps you from extended off-road travel, Agile Off-Road will cycle your vehicle to diagnose its problems and install custom-valved shocks and springs to get you off-road more comfortably.

If you want to be able to take your two-wheel-drive camper, utility, delivery or passenger van into the elements or off-road, Agile Off-Road can convert your van to four wheel drive and get you to places you’ve always wanted to go.





  • Everybody who rode with us last year was quick to tell us how much better the ride was vs last year…overall, my passengers were VERY thankful for the upgrades I have done since last years journey…again, a very heartfelt thank you from everybody in our clan..We will no longer need to keep barfbags handy!S. Henry, Boise, ID

  • In the years we’ve owned and driven and lived in our van, the RIP package made more difference in handling than any other change we’ve made.  With a stable of finely equipped Overland Vehicles to compare to, we enjoy driving our Sportsmobile very much, and now we enjoy it even more!  Tonto Trails Expedition Vehicle RentalJohn and Julie Hartley Owners – Tonto Trails LLC, Durango, CO

Baja Beast


I can’t believe how capable my van yet drives like a dream

Best ride ever

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