Agile Suspension Tech (A Brief History)

This may be a shock (terrible pun intended) but we’ve never had an in-depth discussion about our suspension partners. We’ve developed some great products over the years and cultivated even better relationships. But let’s start back at the beginning.

john brindell agile off road co founder

The beginnings of Agile Off Road

Whether racing in the desert or working out of a shop, Agile Off Road co-founder, John Brindell has been heavily involved in the off-road racing industry for the past 20+ years. Looking for a career change in 2013 he joined Fox. While he enjoyed a 3 year run, deep down John had always known he wanted to set up his own shop. So when the opportunity came to partner with the late Ramsey El Wardani, John jumped in with both feet and Agile Off Road was born!

agile off road tuned fox shocks for mercedes sprinter ford transit ford e350

Fox shocks on Agile’s first Ford 4×4 van conversion

Although John was no longer inside the building both he, Ramsey, and shop foreman Glen Straightiff were all fans of Fox shocks dating back to their early days of racing.

The first part Agile & Fox partnered on was the 2.0 IFP Performance Series shock for our Ford E-Series Twin Traction Beam 4×4 conversion. This shock truly unlocked the potential of our long-travel E350 conversion. It gave the heavy utility van pleasant on-road manners while being tuneable enough to provide unparalleled performance on dirt.

agile off road ford e350 4x4 van conversion

Once word of how smoothly our TTB conversion drove got around, other 4×4 Ford van owners came to us asking how we could improve their ride. Once again using our tuned Fox 2.0 shock as a centerpiece, the first Ride Improvement Package was born. Those same shocks in various tunes have been used on every 4×4 van conversion we’ve worked on since.

agile off road 2019 mercedes sprinter 2500 4x4 shop van

Agile suspension development for Sprinter 4×4

We foresaw the Mercedes Sprinter’s eventual takeover as the world’s most popular off-road van. Prior to the 2015 debut of the Sprinter 4×4 from Mercedes, the Agile brain trust had spent several months developing our own 4wd conversion kit. However once Mercedes made 4×4 a factory option for the Sprinter we diverted all resources towards developing suspension packages and lift kit options, and thus the Sprinter RIP Kit was born.

hyperco coil over spring for agile off road mercedes sprinter front coilover kit
Our Sprinter suspension packages are more complex than their Ford predecessors. In addition to Fox shocks, RIP Kits include a front coilover conversion & replacement rear leaf springs.

Our Hyperco partnership began more by happenstance. We moved into our new building in February of 2018. The previous tenants happened to be Hyperco customers. Being diligent sales reps a couple of guys from Hyperco came by to check us out. After an up-close look at our Sprinter suspension packages, particularly our Sprinter 4×4 RIP Kits, they were instantly intrigued and on the spot, our partnership was born. Now Hyperco coil springs are used in every Sprinter coilover conversion & ride improvement package.

agile off road custom rear leaf spring for mercedes sprinter 2wd and 4x4

Fox & Hyperco aren’t our only suspension partners either. We also work with several US manufacturers for our custom leaf springs and add-a-leafs included in our Ford & Mercedes RIP Kits.

We aren’t done innovating and adding products to our suspension lineup either! With the recent debut of the 2019 Sprinter 4×4 and the upcoming 2020 Transit AWD we know new van owners will look to us to adapt their vehicles to their specific needs… All we can say for the moment is to stay tuned! We have BIG suspension news to share soon!

In the meantime check out our current shock, spring & suspension package offerings for Mercedes Sprinter, Ford E350 & Transit below!

agile off road mechanic installs mercedes sprinter coilover conversion

Agile Transit Suspension Products

Ford Transit Suspension Parts


  1. William Casella

    Like to get a price on the 3500, 2wd suspension kit installation on my 2019 Mercedes 170 Sportsmobile conversion.

    1. Elikem -

      Click “Request a quote” on our RIP Kit page and we’ll get back to you with an estimate ASAP.

  2. Brent Foes

    Cool story.Off road racing helps develop suspension for all applications

  3. Is RIP kit for ‘17 4×4 Sprinter “bolt on” so to speak? Are any mods necessary?

    1. Elikem -

      Our 4×4 Sprinter 2500 RIP Kit consists of new leaf springs & shocks for the rear, and a coilover converted front strut & auxiliary shock on the front. All of these components “bolt-in”. Here’s a link to our RIP Kit installation guide on YouTube.

  4. dan murphy

    hello, I am very happy with my suspension upgrade. However my front left tire was wearing on the outside and the top of the steering wheel would be at about 11:00 instead of 12:00 when driving straight ahead. I had to have an alignment done during my travels in the Sacrament area. They said that the alignment and the camber was off and were surprised an alignment would not have been required/done at the time of the upgrade. Thanks Dan Murphy

    1. Elikem -

      Dan thanks for your business and the honest feedback. We’ll make sure to recommend alignments to all future customers.

  5. Mike Casey

    We have now full tested the RIP kit for our Sprinter 4×4 Revel to the tip of Baja and now up in the Canadian Rockies. Great job and thanks for superior service. We are happy “Crampers”.

  6. Greg von Buchau

    My RIP setup on my Sprinter is working great Spent the last month on forest service roads in Wyoming and Colorado

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