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Hey everyone! We want to drop a line to let you all know how much we love the improved ride with the RIP kit!! Thank you for your professionalism and great energy! Great crew! And puppy love!!
See you in May!

Tim and Pat W.

We spent almost two years in our home-built 4WD Sprinter before sucking it up and investing in Agile Off Road’s RIP kit. If we had known what a difference it would make, we would’ve done it sooner! Not only does our upgrade ease the long washboard miles en route to our favorite climbing destinations, it also allows us to take driveways, speed bumps, and tight curves more quickly, more safely, and without that awful sway that Sprinters are known for. Plus, Agile’s competent team evened out our driver’s side sag (the kitchen isn’t exactly light). In combination with our new on-board air compressor, our suspension upgrade has us feeling capable and agile in our little home on wheels. Thanks John, Jesus, Lisa, and your outstanding team!

Linda and Ty

Okay, not exactly rock climbing, but 8 miles of very deep sand (12” plus), small washouts and lots of washboard in Anza Borrego. I immediately noticed the improvement in handling in the drive here, but I never would have tried  this 4×4 only road to Fonts Lookout before the new suspension.

Thanks for the work. I never felt comfortable with the 4×4 before. Now I just need to be able to afford those “big” tires.



I have worked with John on planning a conversion for my E-Series van, and he has spent a significant amount of time answering questions, and guiding me through the process. I flew down to San Diego to drive their shop van, and my brother and I were treated very well. John took 2-3 hours out of his super busy day to walk us through his shop, answer questions on the Ford vans, as well as the Sprinter RIP kits. These guys obviously have a great reputation for a reason, and I highly recommend them. They do top notch work, and are one of the best shops in the country for Mercedes and Ford suspension works and 4×4 E-Series conversion.

Scott G.

I am very happy with the RIP kit and it was sent out very fast. John was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Also provided the correct parts to address my death wobble. Thank you!

John S.

First purchased the RIP kit for my 2011 E350 Quigley. Went from acceptance that it would ride as bad as a 1980 Chevy 1 ton 4×4, to being able to drive it in all conditions at speed through the bumps without worrying about crossing lanes or having a filling fall out. Worked so well I bought two sets of shocks for my work vans. These have changed my work trucks to well mannered vehicles, no more sway, tightened up the steering. Well worth the investment. As well as any time I called with questions, John Brindell was there to help.

Ovid F.

The Agile Off Road RIP package for my 2013 E350 Quigley made a world of difference to my ride quality. John was a great guy to deal with. If you’re thinking about getting one, just do it; you will be happy.

Craig D.

Wow! I knew my little Mercedes Sprinter motorhome needed a sway bar. A trusted advisor in the Winnebago Via Forum recommended Agile Off Road in El Cajon. They were in the process of moving when I first started communicating with them, but they still got back to me in about an hour. They were ready for me when I showed up for my appointment and had everything installed in a couple of hours! The difference that the suspension made on Pegasus, Too! (My little motorhome) is amazing! I strongly recommend this group of guys for your off road needs!

Katen H.

I stumbled on these guys whilst having some work done across the street at Aluminess. My Sprinter build was really heavy for the stock suspension. These guys hooked me up with the RIP kit and did a killer job. Highly recommended, you won’t be sorry. Thanks again, John!

Mike S.

I have a new Winnebago Revel and had Agile Off Road install a RIP as well as upgraded tires and wheels. John and Jesus did a fantastic job. They did as promised, on time, with great results. I have since gone back for other work, and I’m never disappointed. Their attention to detail is amazing. Unlike other companies, they reply to your email. I’m lucky they’re in San Diego.

William M.

Purchased a RIP Kit (ride improvement package) and an auxiliary fuel tank for my Mercedes Sprinter from Agile Off-Road. They were extremely professional and installation was very smooth and well done. Nice to do business with nice people who know what they’re doing. I’ll be back.

Peter F.

We had custom leaf springs put in that fixed our ride quality exponentially. I did some other repairs myself in their parking lot. I watched them work on three different rigs while I was there, one needed an unforeseen repair that could have been done poorly without anyone knowing but I watched them do it the longer harder way as it should have been done. If you want it done right, go to Agile!

Kate W.

Everybody who rode with us last year was quick to tell us how much better the ride was vs last year…overall, my passengers were VERY thankful for the upgrades I have done since last years journey…again, a very heartfelt thank you from everybody in our clan..We will no longer need to keep barfbags handy!

S. Henry

In the years we’ve owned and driven and lived in our van, the RIP package made more difference in handling than any other change we’ve made.  With a stable of finely equipped Overland Vehicles to compare to, we enjoy driving our Sportsmobile very much, and now we enjoy it even more!

John and Julie H.

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