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In order to preserve stock for our wheel & tire packages, these tires are not available for order as standalone items.

We’ve added this tire to our lineup for those of you looking for a quiet comfortable high-mileage all-terrain tire option. After weeks of testing on the shop van, John Brindell came away impressed. “It’s a great tire for everyone who’s vans spend most of their time on the highway. They’re quiet. They handle well. And they won’t let you down in the dirt.”

Cooper’s Durable Tread™ Technology allows the Discoverer AT3 LT to haul heavy loads with less wear and are built to withstand the ongoing assault from dirt and gravel. Even Wear Arc Technology strategically balances pressure at the tire-to-road contact area promoting even on-road treadwear & superior handling. Integrated Whisper Grooves provide a sound barrier that actively reduces road noise. Stone Ejector Ledges eject gravel & debris to protect the tire carcass from damage.

Currently available for Mercedes Sprinter in 265/70-R17 & 275/70-R17!

Sprinter 2500 2wd:

  • 245/70-R17
  • 265/70-R17 (this is the largest recommended tire for 2wd Sprinter) **

Sprinter 2500 4×4:

  • 245/70-R17
  • 265/70-R17 **
  • 275/70-R17 (this is the largest recommended tire for Sprinter 4×4) **

Sprinter 3500 2wd:

  • 235/85-R16

Sprinter 3500 4×4:

  • 235/85-R16

** Attention 2019+ Sprinter owners! Agile “No-Rub” Front Fenders are required to fit this tire size on your vehicle. **

Additional information

Weight56 lbs
Dimensions32 × 11 × 32 in

235/85-R16, 245/70-R17, 265/70-R17, 275/70-R17


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