Dealer Spotlight: The History of Tiffin Motorhomes


Founding and Early Years (1972 - 1980s)

Tiffin Motorhomes was founded in 1972 by Bob Tiffin in Red Bay, Alabama. The company started as a small, family-owned business, and Bob Tiffin’s vision was to produce high-quality, dependable motorhomes. The first motorhome rolled off the production line in 1972, marking the beginning of Tiffin’s journey in the RV industry.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Tiffin Motorhomes focused on establishing its brand and reputation. The company quickly gained recognition for its commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer service. During this period, Tiffin introduced several innovative features that set its motorhomes apart from competitors, such as the full-body paint option and the first slide-out room in the industry.

Growth and Expansion (1990s - 2000s)

The 1990s were a period of significant growth for Tiffin Motorhomes. The company expanded its product line to include a range of Class A motorhomes, catering to different customer preferences and budgets. Models like the Allegro, Phaeton, and Zephyr became popular choices among RV enthusiasts.

Tiffin continued to innovate, introducing advancements in motorhome design and construction. The Phaeton model, introduced in 2001, quickly became one of the best-selling diesel pushers in the industry. Tiffin’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remained unwavering, with Bob Tiffin often personally addressing customer concerns and feedback.

New Generation (1987-Present)

Bob’s son, Van joined the organization beginning in 1987. Van Tiffin is now the V.P. of Product Development and proud to carry on the Tiffin legacy. In 2014 Bob’s grandson Leigh joined the family business. Leigh is now leading as the President of Tiffin Motorhomes.

In 2020, Tiffin Motorhomes joined Thor Industries. Under the leadership of Leigh Tiffin as President, Tiffin continues as one of the few family-operated RV manufacturers in the industry.

Introduction of Class B Vans: The GH1 (2023)

In response to the growing demand for versatile and compact motorhomes, Tiffin Motorhomes expanded its product offerings to include Class B vans. In 2023, Tiffin introduced the Tiffin GH1. This Class B van was designed to cater to the needs of adventurers seeking the reliability and luxury of a Tiffin Motorhome in a more agile and maneuverable package.

The GH1 is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and offers a range of features that enhance the off-road and off-grid capabilities of the van. It includes a robust electrical system, flexible living spaces, and high-quality materials, maintaining the Tiffin standard of excellence. The introduction of the GH1 marked Tiffin’s entry into the lively Class B van market, appealing to a new generation of RV enthusiasts.

The Tiffin / Agile Partnership

Tiffin & Agile Offroad team up to introduce advanced suspension solutions for the new GH1 model. Tiffin’s trust in Agile Offroad to provide key components for the GH1 stands true to their dedication of equipping their vans with the best possible features. Agile Offroad’s suspension solutions and other enhancements ensure that the GH1 is not only luxurious but also capable of tackling any adventure.

Legacy and Impact

Tiffin Motorhomes has built a strong legacy in the RV industry over its five-decade history. The company is known for its dedication to quality, innovation, and customer service. Many Tiffin owners are loyal repeat customers, a testament to the brand’s reliability and the strong community that has formed around it.

Bob Tiffin’s hands-on approach and the family’s involvement in the business have been key factors for Tiffin’s success. The company’s commitment to listening to customer feedback and continuously improving its products has solidified its reputation as a top-tier motorhome manufacturer.

In Conclusion...

Tiffin Motorhomes is proud to be one of the few family-operated RV manufacturers in the industry, making a significant difference in how our company operates versus our competitors. With the Tiffin name on every coach, building a superior motorhome is not just our occupation but a matter of personal pride. It has been a lifelong pursuit we are committed to perfecting. Learn more about Tiffin Motorhomes and see our complete product line at

With the introduction of the GH1 Class B van, Tiffin has shown its ability to adapt and meet the evolving needs of RV enthusiasts. Their collaboration with Agile Offroad further enhances GH1’s capabilities, making it a top choice for adventure seekers. The company’s future looks bright as it continues to uphold the values and standards that have defined it for over 50 years.

Agile Offroad products for the GH1 include:

If you’d like to learn more about Tiffin check out their website, to learn more about the GH1 click here

Watch our latest YouTube Video with Tiffin:


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