Warn Industries Winches

You never plan on getting stuck during an off-road excursion, but you better be prepared to save yourself if you do. Winches are an essential piece of recovery equipment and among the first modifications we recommend for any overlanding rig.

Nobody in the business makes them better than Warn Industries. Warn winches are mountable on a wide variety of OEM & aftermarket bumpers including the Aluminess models we love so much.

There are a number of things to consider when selecting a winch. Most important is it’s load rating. Determine your fully-loaded gross vehicle weight and choose a winch capable of pulling at least 1.5 times its weight. Also consider whether you’d like it to be exposed or hidden and be mindful of what other components are also mounted nearby such as lights, compressors, etc.

Warn winches are available with synthetic rope (pros: lightweight & easy to handle) and wire rope (pros: heavy-duty) to best suit your usage & application. Don’t forget a tree strap for those of you who frequent forested areas, protective covers, remote & wireless controls,  and fairleads.

We usually stock the following winches, but can special order any product from the Warn Industries catalog by request.


While our online store is under construction please call us at 619-328-1297, or email info@agileoffroad.com for product details, pricing & availability.

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